Here’s What Some of Our Patients Have to Say About the Care They Receive From Dr. Stolman.



I have suffered from severe allergies most of my adult life which has caused me a lot of stress over the years. My neighbor told me how she received relief with acupuncture by Dr. Stolman. I immediately called for an appointment and received relief with the very first needle. It was amazing. I could breathe deeply without coughing. My quality of life has drastically improved. And now, I rarely need to use my inhaler. I have referred many people to Dr. Stolman and all of them have received positive results.

Kathy B.-New Baltimore Michigan


I had been seeing a therapist for anxiety and panic attacks for three or four months. I was given a low dose of anti-anxiety medication along with counseling. These treatments did help, but I still experienced anxiety symptoms. A relative suggested Dr. Stolman for acupuncture. She had great results from his treatments. With acupuncture I felt immediate anxiety relief compared to the anxiety medication. I was much calmer and felt more at ease. Now during high stress times, I call and make an appointment for acupuncture. I definitely recommend Dr. Stolman. It has been a really positive experience for me.

Lauren M.-Sterling Heights Michigan

Parts Of The Neck

I have been seeing Dr. Stolman for arthritis in my neck. I have not had to use any medications to control the pain since getting acupuncture. He also helped with pain relief and healing after my hip replacement surgery. I have been getting acupuncture for 15 years now by Dr. Stolman and am very pleased with the care I receive.

Howard W.-Northville Michigan

Back Pain

I was in a car accident in 1974 and have had back pain off and on ever since. I was treated with stretching exercises and heat. I was still getting flare-ups of pain every three or four months. I was looking for better pain relief and decided to give acupuncture a try. After two acupuncture treatments by Dr. Stolman, my pain was gone. I still get flare-ups of back pain but only every few years and it takes only a couple of acupuncture treatments to get me pain free again. I am extremely happy that I found Dr. Stolman!

Mark L.-Royal Oak Michigan

Back Pain, Arm Pain, TMJ

I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Stolman for several years now. I first went to see him to relieve pain in my right arm. My arm was crushed in an accident and required two surgeries, one to put it together and another a year later to remove all the metal (2 1/2 plates and 40+ screws). I continued to have pain and was on prescription medication. My orthopedic surgeon stated there was nothing more he could do and suggested acupuncture. A colleague recommended Dr. Stolman. I went to see him and for the first time in my life I was pain free! I also suffered from TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) problems. I had a specialist that treated me for the condition, which included a night guard and Botox injections. The Botox relieved the pain for about 6 months, but was costly and not covered by insurance. Dr. Stolman’s acupuncture for the TMJ relieved my pain for over a year and was a better option than injecting poison into my body. I have recommended Dr. Stolman to several colleagues and friends. All have had positive results. I recently was treated by Dr. Stolman for my back. My physician told me it would take at least 3 weeks to heal. Dr. Stolman relieved most of the pain in one visit and I was good to go after only 3 visits.

Laurie P.-Sterling Heights Michigan

Foot Pain

Words can’t describe how appreciative I am of Dr. Stolman. I was 28-years-old and suffered a complicated ankle sprain that resulted in years of chronic, disabling pain. I had gone from running 10 miles a day to becoming almost sedentary. After numerous medical interventions, sedating pain medications, and months of rehab, I saw Dr. Stolman. He took the time to listen to me and tailored his treatment with the perfect blend of Eastern and Western medicine. When one type of acupuncture didn’t work he tried another. After only a few months I have been walking more, swimming on a regular basis, and even dancing. I finally feel as if I’m getting a part of my life back, and a part of me back. He has not only been my doctor but my friend and confidante. Every time I see him, I leave him with a hug, because words can’t describe the eternal gratefulness I have to him.

Sonya V.-Birmingham Michigan

Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

I had chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as debilitating migraine headaches. I tried physical therapy for years, as well as countless medications both prescribed and herbal. Dr. Stolman’s acupuncture skills changed my life. I was able to get off all medication and enjoy life again. I tell anyone who will listen how wonderful
Dr. Stolman is!

Kristen P.-Washington Township Michigan


I had suffered with severe migraines since I was young and had tried many medications prescribed through my doctors, none of which helped. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I had a migraine on average of once a week. Sometimes I was still able to function but many times the migraines were so bad that I had to stay in bed in a dark room, vomiting every half hour. This would go on for hours leaving me really miserable. A co-worker, who also had migraines, had tried Dr. Stolman and suggested I go see him. At first I didn’t think the treatment were going to work, but by the sixth treatment I started going a couple of weeks between migraines and they were not as severe. As I continued, and the acupuncture treatments were spread further apart, I began to know what it was like to live without migraines. I am currently on a maintenance program and am extremely happy with the results. I rarely have a migraine now and if I do it is minor. I may take an Excedrin and the pain goes away. I would highly recommend Dr. Stolman for any kind of pain management.

Marcia O.-Highland Michigan

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Stolman was the third place I tried for acupuncture and he has been able to help me in ways no one else could. After three shoulder surgeries he improved my range of motion beyond my expectations. Not only is he good at what he does, he is kind and compassionate in his work. I’ve referred family and friends to him and will continue to do so. He has made a tremendous impact on my life and my recovery.

Jennifer L.-Troy Michigan

Smoking Cessation

I had been smoking two to five packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years before I went to Dr. Stolman for acupuncture to try to quit. The treatment itself was very relaxing and all my questions patiently answered. I had not tried quitting smoking before. After my acupuncture treatment, I have not had another cigarette. It has been three years. I am really surprised that I haven’t even had the desire for a cigarette since. I definitely think acupuncture by Dr. Stolman is worth a try for anyone wanting to give up cigarettes.

Cheryl L.-Redford Michigan

Tennis Elbow

Dr. Stolman is a caring and adept Metro Detroit acupuncturist. I highly recommend him. I can make this statement because I have been a patient of Dr. Stolman for the last 3 years. I sought out Dr. Stolman upon a fellow teacher’s recommendation to reduce pain from a severe “tennis elbow” injury. I was frustrated because eight months of physical therapy had not diminished the pain. I was absolutely amazed that after weekly visits over a 12 week time span, Dr. Stolman was able to get rid of my “tennis elbow” condition. I have been so grateful for this. I was able to resume my complete activities as an active 3rd grade teacher! The condition has not returned and I now seek treatment primarily to keep my immune system strong. Again, Dr. Stolman is a caring and adept acupuncturist. He always cordially answers my questions about the treatments and explains exactly what he is doing. He is adept because he gets results, in a remarkably short time. I believe his effectiveness is from his combined knowledge of being a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist and a dedicated acupuncturist. I highly recommend that you seek treatment from Dr. Stolman, a skilled practitioner indeed!

Chris J.-Rochester Hills Michigan

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