• Utilize a dehumidifier
  • Shower frequently
  • Take medication

People who have fall allergies know how challenging they can be. Itchy eyes make it hard to see, runny noses become raw from rubbing them and breathing can become constrained. When fall allergies hit, most people would try just about anything to stop the discomfort. Here are some precautionary steps you should take to combat fall allergies before they even begin.

Take the Weight Off Your Chest With a Dehumidifier

As the autumn season begins, it’s normal to spend more time indoors. With all that time inside, your home can easily become humid. Dust mites and mold flourish in these environments, spelling bad news for your allergies. Keep a dehumidifier in the main areas of your house to help absorb the moisture and keep you breathing easy.

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Clean the Allergens From Your Body


Decomposing leaves, seasonal mold spores and other fall-specific allergens can easily stick to your skin. Be sure to shower regularly, especially after coming from an extending time outdoors to ensure you’re not bringing these into your home.

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Combat Your Allergies Over the Counter

There are numerous over the counter medications to help alleviate your fall allergies. From capsules to eye drops and everything in between, there’s plenty you can do to treat your symptoms at home. While these treatments may be effective, they can also come with some pretty significant side effects.

Treat Your Fall Allergies with Acupuncture

When looking to treat your fall allergies, turn to the holistic practice of acupuncture. All-natural and effective, acupuncture offers relief from your symptoms without the risk of unwanted side effects. Dr. Stolman has more than 20 years of experience seeing patients with a variety of conditions and symptoms. Schedule an appointment with Stolman Acupuncture. To learn more give us a call at 877-773-2022.

How to Combat Fall Allergies
Find yourself struggling with fall allergies? Many people do, here's how to deal with fall allergies.
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