• Put a stop to allergies
  • Cool down summer BBQ heartburn
  • Soothe joint problems

While the summer comes with a lot fun and seasonal benefits, it also comes with its fair share of problems. From allergies to joint pain and everything in between, summer activities can sometimes come at a cost. Learn how you can cool off from the symptoms of heartburn in summer and find relief from a variety of seasonal ailments with acupuncture.

Stop Allergies In Their Tracks

Heat and humidity have a way of bringing unwanted symptoms to life. Although it may bring beautiful scenery, the greenery can bring sneezing and unwanted allergy symptoms of life. By stimulating specific points in your body, acupuncture can help calm your body’s reaction to pollen and other irritants, letting you enjoy nature once again!

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Cool Down Summer BBQ Heartburn

During summer, BBQ is as common as baseball. This means hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and of course, don’t forget the ketchup! High in salt and other unhealthy ingredients, these foods can wreak havoc on your digestive track. If heartburn has you feeling the heat, acupuncture can relieve your body’s pain and cool it back down to normal.

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Soothe Joint Problems

A shining sun puts more pep in your step. In Summer people usually increase their overall activity, from outside gardening to simply just walking around. If your favorite summer activities are causing your joints’ pain, soothe them with acupuncture. With precise precision, acupuncture will find your pain and help relieve it.

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Beat the Heat with Stolman Acupuncture

When the pitfalls of summer have you burning up, cool down with acupuncture. Dr. Stolman’s variety of services can help relieve a multiplicity of summer conditions. From heartburn to joint problems, Stolman Acupuncture has the solution. Contact us at 877-773-2022 to schedule an appointment today!


Beat the Summer Heat with Acupuncture
Learn how to beat the summer heat with Stolman Acupuncture.
Brand: Stolman Acupuncture
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