The Stolman Clinic. Metro Detroit’s Most Respected Source of Acupuncture and Pain Relief.

After years of practicing medicine, Dr. Stolman opened his Metro Detroit acupuncture clinic with one goal in mind; to help patients overcome pain. He knew his advanced training in both Eastern and Western medicine gave him the unique ability to help patients as few traditional acupuncturists could.

Since opening its doors in 1989, Dr. Stolman and his staff have helped more than 20,000 patients. They come from as far as Traverse City, with a full range of symptoms to receive his life-changing treatments.

Dr. Stolman acupuncture southeast mi
Acupuncture services in Michigan
Dr. Stolman acupuncture southeast mi

Dr. Stolman believes that no two patients are alike. Therefore, there is no one treatment that works for everyone. That’s why he has received advanced training in multiple acupuncture treatments and techniques. This allows him to individualize care to each patient, which results in better outcomes.

People of all ages from children to adults have benefited from Dr. Stolman’s caring approach.

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Acupuncture services in Michigan

Stolman Acupuncture

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“I became interested in acupuncture while working as an anesthesiologist. Traditional methods of treatment were not always giving my patients the best possible response. Being able to help people get out of pain, and treat other medical conditions effectively was something that really appealed to me. Today as a board certified anesthesiologist, osteopathic physician and medical acupuncturist, I offer a variety of solutions for treating acute and chronic pain and other medical conditions.”

– Dr. Stolman

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